Resonant Tale

Hints and Tips

Always read signposts

There are many signposts placed around the world and they do more than just give directions! Make a habit of reading any new signpost you pass, you never know what you might learn. At some point you might even meet the signmaker responsible for their creation...!

Talk to everyone

The inhabitants of Harmonia often have useful information to share! As you progress through the game, characters will move around the world and find new things to talk about. Try talking to characters multiple times to hear everything they have to say!

Ask the Soothsayer for hints

The Soothsayer in Melody Village often has a hint to help you along if you get stuck or forget where you are going next. Apparently their pet cat can help you find those missing treasure tokens too, if you can find a way to understand their meowling!

Treasure Map

Click here for a full map of the overworld with all treasure locations marked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get through the Timbre Woods?

Check for hidden paths behind trees! The picnic spot is a dead end, but you can find a way around it in the same area - look for where another bridge crosses the stream. If all else fails, just try walking behind every narrow tree you can!

I'm stuck in prison, how do I get out?

There's a clue written on the cell wall, but if you're still struggling think about all of the inputs of the Playdate! Note that if you have the Playdate cover it's possible it may interfere with the input required, so try taking it off. You can also disable puzzles involving certain input from the assist menu on the title screen.

How do I get inside Harmony Temple?

The signmaker has something to teach you once you get inside the Signpost Studio! After that return to outside the temple and take a good look around.

Where is the last key in Final Passage?

Talk to Arabella for some help! If it's the key inside the entrance, there's a signpost with a hint for it in the room to the far right (behind the bombable wall). You'll need to find a way across the water to get the order correct... this is the final puzzle of the game, so it's a good one!

I'm stuck on a boss! How do I beat it?

Just keep at it, you can do it! If you're really struggling you can turn off player damage or even the bosses themselves from the assist menu on the title screen.

What's with this code I found?

Once you have more items go back to the Spirit Shrine and look for a hidden room... you can find out more there!

Is it actually possible to get a score of 25 or more in whack-a-mole?

It's tough, but with a bit of luck it's possible! You might find it easier to use more than just your sword. If you're feeling sneaky there might also be a way to cheat...

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